Frankfurt School Business Forum 2021

19. - 20. November

New Beginnings -
Time to shape Europe's Golden Decade

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19. - 20. November at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Talking about the opportunities but also threats in an uncertain decade ahead
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Bringing together future ideas and inspiring personalities
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Discussing the challenges of the coming decade including short-term political activities for the forthcoming expansion
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What's FSBF2021 about?
The Covid-19 pandemic forced our global economy to an excruciating halt, stand still for a second and truly evaluate how we can navigate our day-to-day life within the guidelines of a prolonged transnational lockdown with the goal of keeping everyone safe. Due to the outstanding achievements within our medical field, which managed to develop an effective vaccine faster than we ever assumed possible, we are now able to observe a slow return back to normality.
However, great adversity also inspires great innovation. The longed-for desire of going back to normal might not take place in the way we would have expected at the beginning of 2020. Throughout the lockdown, we have been compelled to reconsider how our society as well as economy function, which has brought for great solutions, fields where real challenges well as negative trends have been overlooked for too long. With this Forum, we want to invite you to discuss what we have to change now to ensure a better future for everyone as well as what important decisions have to be made now in order to be ready for the imminent challenges of the coming decade.
We are delighted to welcome you to our 3rd annual FSBF themed around: "New Beginnings – Time to Shape Europe’s Golden Decade”.
Some of our previous Speaker...

Dr. Holger Schmieding

Chief Economist | Berenberg

Dirk Schmitz

CEO | BlackRock Asset Management Germany

Sara Weisser

Executive Director | Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Christian Zahn

Partner | McKinsey & Comapany

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